Brave browser experiences tremendous growth since 1.0 launch

Carving out a niche for oneself when massive players like Google dominate the browser market is no simple task however it seems like this hasn’t intimidated Brave browser at all as the platform has seen over one and a half million active users within a period of three weeks.

Brave’s open-source browser, Brave 1.0, was launched in November this year with an intention to offer its users a private, fast and secure browsing experience. The platform kick-started with a focus to revive an industry that has been plagued with surveillance capitalism, user tracking, privacy violation issues and advertising intermediaries for the longest time. It’s been three weeks since the launch, and the concept has shown a massive growth potential.

Brave browser steals the limelight, yet again

On 5th December 2019, Brave announced that the next-generation browser that goes head to head with giant market players like Google and addresses issues like data privacy breaches and scandals directly has experienced almost nineteen per cent (19%) growth across all electronic devices and shows no signs of stopping. And while its monthly active users have doubled, the daily active users have in fact tripled, reaching well over three million figure.

What sets Brave browser apart from others is the fact that empowers the content creators to earn their worth through unique online tipping services, using the browser’s native token Basic Attention Token (BAT), and without intermediaries eating away a significant chunk of their earnings. It also lets its viewers choose what they want to see, thus creating a meaningful revenue system – a situation that benefits all

With Youtube, Twitter, Wikipedia and The Guardian as its verified content platforms, it is indeed catching the attention of some of the biggest industry names and giving a large number of content creators a massive platform to publish their talent and creation. As of today, the number of verified content publishers has gone up to three hundred and forty thousand.

Security remains the focus for Brave

Brave’s peculiar emphasis on security is clearly what makes it so accessible. It automatically blocks third-party advertisements, user tracking tools and autorun videos. Moreover, it also offers users more privacy options in browser settings, giving them a truly decentralized and stress-free browsing experience.

Indeed, it is heartwarming to see that Brave’s dedicated efforts towards changing the face of the internet and online advertising has been received positively so far. It serves as a unique and innovative alternative to market dominants like Google Chrome, that does manage to cater to user demands successfully but fails to address privacy concerns conveniently.

Featured Image by Pixabay