Become BitEclipse IB Referral Partner

BitEclipse offers you the easiest way to make money from cryptocurrency trading. Now you can join a revolutionary referral program to profit more from the most lucrative and innovative brokerage opportunity while barely lifting a finger.

The BitEclipse IB (Introducing Broker) Referral Program has a unique and attractive commission structure. Anyone who owns over BET 250 will have the right to become “Tier-1+ IB Affiliator”. As a Tier-1+ IB Affiliator, you earn up to 0.0075 pip IB commission on each successful referral. You get paid in two ways: through your Direct Referral as Tier-1 IB, and also through your In-direct Referrals as Multi-Tiers up to 2 ~ 10 pyramid-layers of Master IB. Unlike any other referral program, BitEclipse pays its affiliates not just by their direct referrals, but also from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-tier, etc. referrals.

So in short, you get paid when you introduce new customers and also from your Direct Referral traders. Moreover, your IB Commission will be calculated and paid daily.

Please note that you need to keep a balance of 250 BET or more to continue to earn commissions from IB Affiliator & Reward Boost programs. IB Commission will not happen while the BET balance is under 250. You also need Actual Trades from each Tier-layer introduced traders.

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer and payments are made in real-time, indefinitely — as long as your referrals continue trading on BitEclipse platform you will continue to be paid.

How to join IB program

Step 1: Simply open a “Trading Account” in 10 seconds with your E-mail Address.

Step 2: Get access to the “IB TOOL” for your personalized Ref. URL (link) & Introduced Tree that you can share with friends and associates. Anytime that link and the person make a trade with BitEclipse, you get paid. It’s really that simple.

Step 3: Purchase the necessary amount of the BET to get paid your IB Commission.

Who is a good referral?

Individual and Institutional investors seeking to make large volume trades

Founders and CEOs of blockchain and crypto companies

How are IB commissions paid?

IB commissions are paid based on a pip or percentage commission structure as shown below.

The IB Commission [One-way] in the EURUSD is 0.0075 pip for Tier-1 traders and the commission boost is 100.00%. That means you can expect 0.0075 pip * 100.00 % = 0.0075 pip IB Commission from Tier-1. If it is Tier-2, the commission boost is 20.00% thus 0.0075 pip * 20.00% = 0.0015 pip IB Commission from Tier-2 traders.

There are NO KYC requirements to register on BitEclipse and commissions are paid indefinitely for life.

On the IB Referral Program page, you can also see when someone has signed up thanks to your invites. Keep track of your earned bonuses and continue getting rewarded for your recommendations. The more you share the more BET you can earn!

With a large and active referral network that pays as well as BitEclipse affiliate programs do, you can start earning more passive income effortlessly—simply by sharing your unique referral link.

Join our referral program and start earning today.

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