After YouTube, Apple and Google Look to Restrict Dapp Usage on Mobile Devices

Apparently, Google and Apple are attempting to restrict the use of Dapps on their mobile enables devices. After Google made MetaMask sparse, Apple is now eliminating Coinbase Dapps browser from its’ App Store.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong reports in Reddit post,

Coinbase CEO here. This is really unfortunate to see. Apple seems to be eliminating usage of Dapps from the App Store.

This comes days after YouTube’s apparent attempt on slashing Bitcoin content on it’s website. The administrators at YouTube accepted that it was “mistake” and restored the videos. MetaMask is a Web3 and Dapp browser based on Ethereum, tweeted,

This isn’t the only sudden and unexplained ban that @google has issued this week. There was also a sudden ban of many #crypto@YouTubeaccounts. Google may be testing the crypto community’s resolve. #ProtectWeb3

The recent move by Apple suggests that the Giants could be threatened by the new age of Decentralized Applications. Omar Bham, an independent crypto reporter, tweeted,

Web3 is in direct competition with Google & Apple. We should expect continued censorship on MetaMask, Coinbase, & other dapp browsers.

Web3 browsers are the new generation of browsers after the ‘world wide web’ based one’s. They support smart contracts and provide a platform to run decentralized applications.

According to the MetaMask team, like YouTube, in the past Google had re-instated it’s platform after removal in June 2018. However, the Google and Apple have not responded to the situation with the browsers for now. Whether or not they will be reinstated in the near future is anyone’s guess.

How you think the crypto community should respond to the backlash? Please share your views with us. 

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