US customers to earn free bitcoins from Alibaba

Alibaba, one of the largest e-marketplaces globally, has partnered with Lolli, a Bitcoin rewards app, to start offering US customers the opportunity to win free Bitcoins based on purchases.

The announcement for this partnership came on 11 November, which is also the date of probably the largest single-day shopping event. According to official data, last year, Singles Day generated more than USD 31 billion in sales through the Alibaba app and website.

Free Bitcoins for US customers

For now, the free Bitcoins reward program will only be available in the United States, as Lolli has not expanded its activities yet. While this might be perceived as a limitation, the idea behind creating a free Bitcoin reward program for the US only is to actually test out the idea. 

If the program turns out to be successful in the United States, it might spread to other regions as well.

For the moment, customers in China, the biggest market for Alibaba, will not be able to take part in the free Bitcoin reward program.

Crypto reward program

This partnership with Lolli is somewhat surprising, as until now, Alibaba has not been very welcoming towards cryptocurrencies. 

However, despite some animosity when it comes to cryptocurrencies, Alibaba is actually at the forefront of blockchain development. This new free Bitcoin reward program might hint at a shift towards a more positive perception of cryptocurrencies as well.

Hopefully, the test phase in the United States will turn out to be successful, and Alibaba will launch such crypto reward programs on a more global scale. 

Featured Image by Pixabay