MGC Logic Review

MGC Logic is a cryptocurrency trading platform that continues to trend among traders thanks to its unique approach to offering services solely related to digital assets. Because of that, we would like to make a review of some of the features that had not been covered by other websites, mainly focusing on Bitcoin trading and a few analysis types available with this broker.

Bitcoin Trading

Speaking of Bitcoin trading, MGC Logic is one of the few or the only trading name which offers Bitcoin fiat pairs in EUR, USD, and AUD. The company allows fiat deposits using credit/debit cards or wire transfers, which makes it easy for clients to simply deposit and buy contracts related to Bitcoin.

On top of that, if some traders won’t want to deal in fiat, BTCUSDT is also available, alongside, several crypto-to-crypto pairs. Using them, traders will be able to trade Bitcoin against other altcoins, finding trading opportunities when a token is weak and Bitcoin is strong, or vice versa.

In terms of Bitcoin trading conditions, MGC Logic allows leverage up to 1:5 and a 2% maintenance margin. Since we’re dealing with Bitcoin contracts, overnight swaps are also involved.

Technical Analysis

With MGC Logic Technical Analysis, traders will get to find information on how to use technical setups in order to find trading opportunities in cryptocurrencies. Most professional traders use the methods as if they trade stocks forex, commodities, etc., and so far, the technical analysis had proven to work well, especially when we talk about Bitcoin and other liquid altcoins.

Fundamental Analysis

In addition, fundamental analysis is playing an equally important role, given that news is influencing valuations in a meaningful way. MGC Logic provides information on how traders should treat fundamental analysis when dealing with cryptocurrencies. The bottom line is that projects who manage to stimulate a greater adoption of their token are the biggest beneficiaries and each time such an event takes place, prices go up. The opposite happens when the adoption is put into question.

Video Chart Analysis

Since not all traders have an in-depth understanding of cryptocurrency trading, MGC Logic provides video chart analysis among other educational and trading resources. Using it, clients will be able to see other experts analyzing charts and finding trading opportunities using technical or fundamental tools. All clients, no matter their account type, will get access to the video library. The video material could be a very useful material for traders who want to learn how professionals are analyzing the market on a daily basis.