Manny Pacquiao Welcomes Cryptocurrency Through PAC Token

The world of cryptocurrencies continues to attract the stars. On this occasion, the famous boxer Manny Pacquiao is the first to create his own token with a company, of which he was named “celebrity ambassador.” The world boxing champion and senator from the Philippines announced his entry to the crypto and blockchain world on September 1, 2019, before a crowd of fans in Manila.

Senator of The Philippines Manny Pacquiao sang before an electrifying audience of thousands of fans, mesmerizing the crowd with numerous hit songs during his first major concert.

During the free concert in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, the celebrity informed more than 2,000 fans of the launch of their own cryptocurrency. Called «PAC», the token is intended to strengthen the relationship between the fans and the boxer.

With the cryptocurrency, the Philippine champion and politician can also sell his own products and interact with his fans. Meanwhile, your followers can actively participate through the PAC platform, which reads:

Pac Token (PAC) takes advantage of Blockchain by transforming the popularity and brand of Manny Pacquiao into cryptographic tokens that are quantifiable and interchangeable.

The launch is an initiative in partnership with the Asian crypto company, GCOX, which is developing a new celebrity token model. The PAC token will be listed in the crypto exchange of GCOX, the celebrity token platform.

The Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX) company, based in Singapore, is dedicated to creating the so-called “celebrity tokens,” which plan to take advantage of the popularity and fortune created by celebrities. Recently, Manny Pacquiao signed with this company after having invested an amount of money that was not disclosed.

The token with which the boxer will be represented will be called PacCoin, thanks to his nickname “Pac-man” in the world of boxing, and will allow access to exclusive content hosted on the company’s website, such as personalized videos. Those interested could also make charitable donations supported by the famous.

GCOX aims to attract the world of accounting technology distributed to many more stars from around the world of entertainment, as celebrities could market their goods and services using their social networks and their own tokens, as can be read in the GCOX white paper. With this, the platform plans to become an “authorized popularity index for celebrities”:

GCOX plans to offer fans an exchange in which they can exchange the platform’s own token (ACM) for the various celebrity tokens that may be offered. These tokens can be applied to buy exclusive gifts directly from celebrities. Examples given on the platform’s website include: interactive sessions, pay-per-view transmission, and meet and greet sessions. An auction service for fans and celebrities will also be included to sell appropriate items in exchange for the celebrity’s personalized token.

The career of Emmanuel Pacquiao Dapidran, which began when he was only 16 years old, is very prominent. This boxer has managed to win nine world championships in eight different categories, and his fortune is consistent 23 years later since the athlete is 39 years old today. Pacquiao has also forged a political career in his home country, the Philippines. He was elected as a senator on May 9, 2016, with more than 16 million votes in favor of the liberal party and still holds this position. His money has been invested in jewelry, cars, and real estate, as well as a company dedicated to the development of mobile games and a radio station.

Other celebrities listed as investors of the GCOX initiative are Michael Owen, an English former soccer player, businessman Lim How Teck, and Tommie Goh, a Filipino businessman who owns a large collection of cars.

On the other hand, Pacquiao was defeated in a very important fight with boxer Floyd Maywheather in 2015. The latter sponsored the ICO of Centra Tech, a company that offered the development of debit cards for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Unfortunately, this company was sued in December of last year. The allegation was that he made a sale of securities without having registered with the authorities of the United States.