Malaysian authorities arrests 5 Bitcoin miner thieves

As many as five Bitcoin miner thieves have been arrested by the Malaysian law enforcement and police, and the charges have been pressed over the theft of 85 Bitcoin miners.

The five people were arrested this past Saturday on the offense of stealing 85 bitcoin miners that had a price value of above $10,000 as described by the Malaysian local news outlet.

Bitcoin miner thieves strick at the storehouse

According to the news reporters, there were a total of five thieves. The suspects worked at the storehouse where the machinery was kept.

The criminals reportedly used the property next door to the storehouse and after working for just one day at the storehouse, drilled through the walls of the property to get inside the storehouse.

One of the shop workers alerted the police on 29th October that the machinery had gone missing, after which the police arrested the crooks on Saturday, confiscating the drill machines along with two cars.

A similar Bitcoin-related crime took place back in September in Russia, where workers at a nuclear facility were charged $7,000 for using the supercomputer to mine bitcoins.

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