Introducing: The Hodling Room

There was a moment in 2016 when I was trying to wrap my head around this whole ‘cryptocurrency’ fad, as I understood it to be one at the time, and I was sent down the all too familiar YouTube rabbit hole. I stumbled across some snippet of some video that in just an instant, like a slap in the face, gave me my epiphany and I understood. It was an animated video that discussed the evolution of economics and trade, and sure enough, right there in the beginning, was a fictional guy trading some horse hair for some potatoes. And another guy trading a wood carving for a brick. You get the idea. Meaning at some point in history before we had minted coins or paper money, we had other means to trade. Because society inherently moves on as it becomes more advanced, and finds ways to become more efficient.

So I found myself on this side of the fence. Thinking that anyone who assumes that the current system of government controlled trading via pieces of paper is going to be with us long into the future, as economies collapse and inflation runs rampant, needs to watch that video and have the same epiphany, or have the above brick dropped on his or head from a small height. Just to wake them up. Paper money is on it’s way to becoming an artifact one way or another!

Cryptocurrency may not be the exact direction people end up going with how they transact with one another, but it’s a bold move that actually works and does put control back in the peoples hands. So if nothing else it’s a necessary shake up that has governments knowing that they need to take better care of our economies, or Satoshi Nakamoto will be taking care of them!

So myself and some partners founded ‘The Hodling Room’. Still in it’s infancy, the idea is to keep the conversation going by providing quality, stylish apparel for enthusiasts of not just Bitcoin, but the front side of this revolution in general. We are building our brand to include everything from socks to phone cases to hoodies to towels to speakers to shoes! In broader terms, we want people to ‘Represent the Revolution!’.

The company sources out original artwork, as well as does a lot of the designing in house. We started in Vancouver, Canada, and have now moved to Edinburgh, in sunny Scotland! We are adding more products weekly and plan on incorporating some of the other cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin into our designs.

Please! Come join as at The Hodling Room and take 15% off of your order, using the coupon code SATOSHI.