Hong Kong: geolocation data provider starts accepting Bitcoin

Hong Kong’s crowd-sourced geolocation data provider accepts Bitcoin as donations. The service provides data regarding the position of police, protestors, warning flags, and other such subjects.

Hong Kong protests: SAR in chaos

In June, people in Hong Kong started a peaceful protest over the extradition bill that would allow Hong Kong to detain people and transfer people to mainland China. The protests took a turn for the worse, and the government was forced to invoke an emergency law. Since then, Hong Kong has been fighting against the now-suspended bill while the special administrative region (SAR) has dived in a deep recession.

As chaos continues to engulf the region, crypto assets have emerged as one tool that can be used to maintain anonymity. To ensure privacy from government eyes, many people have turned towards digital currencies.

Across the last few months, many businesses have started accepting Bitcoin and other top digital assets as a method of payment for donations. These include firms that assist protestors in maintaining their protests while providing awareness to the masses. Hong Kong Free Press and Pricerite are two such examples.

HKmap.live starts accepting Bitcoin

Now HKmap.live, a mapping service similar to Google Maps, has started accepting crypto assets. The map has a unique feature that sets it apart from common online maps. The map allows users to view the location of police, protestors, deployed tear gas, warning flags, and much more.

The developer who works by the pseudonym Kuma revealed the reason as to why it has started accepting crypto assets. In a podcast, Kuma stated that the service “supports HK protests for freedom.” As government surveillance continues to grow, people are forced to go anonymous, and hence, it is safer to use crypto assets. The site currently accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Monero, ZCash, Stellar, XRP.

Featured image by Wikipedia Commons.