Dash price analysis: bears drop price to $70.912


Although the Dash price had taken a slight upturn as the day started to procure the price above the baseline, it has taken the slope downwards to $70.912, which is not strange behaviour. 

Just yesterday, the Dash price had taken the high road to $72.81 with a low of $71.84. The week’s statistics indicate a clear-cut fall even though the day was starting to look optimistic only to negate this entirely and fall to another low.

The highest for the week has been $76.173 (+1.346) on the 28th of October preceded a bearish move to the lowest of this week at $69.149 (-0.036) on the 31st of October. The average remains $70.912 this week.

Observing Dash price details

Dash price analysis

Dash price chart by Trading View

The 29th of October allowed the jump from $71.77 to $75.81 but followed a drop to $72.99 the same day. On the next day, the 30th of October, the Dash value regressed to $72.39 (-0.83%).

This drop continued, and the price was brought downwards to $71.69. Although November began with some recuperation with the price moving up to $72.24, there are various indications for traders. The expectancies of experts were met when the Dash price fell by the end of today.

Dash Price AnalysisDash price chart by Trading View

The graph above indicates the Simple Moving Average (SMA) to be $71.812 showing a steeped gradient, with little to no bullish movements.

The Exponential Moving Average (EMA) closed at $71.301 decreasing with a steeper gradient coupled with a sharp rise and fall on the 30th of October.

Resistance lies at $72.89, $73.34, and $73.86 respectively. Similarly, the support levels are indicated at the marks of $71.92, $71.4 and $70.95.

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