BitMEX Twitter account was hacked: Funds remain safe


BitMEX Twitter account was hacked earlier today as the company went through an email privacy issue.

BitMEX Twitter account hack: Firm labels hackers as “trolls.”

The person behind the hack took full control of the account for a few hours. The hacker posted a warning saying that the platform will be stopping withdrawals after today, and it was time to take “your BTC and run.”

BitMEX was quick to take control of the account back and explained the cause of the incident. BitMEX explained that the issue was caused due to a mistake in informational emails sent out by the company. The email contained email addresses of other users in the “to” section instead of the “blind carbon copy” field. This allowed the receivers to see who else received the email.

BitMEX, the most popular Bitcoin margin trading platform, was quick to inform users that the threat was only restricted to the BitMEX Twitter account, and no funds were harmed. The company notified that the “trolls” might have accessed their Twitter, but funds remain safe. The company ensured that all personal and financial data was not leaked and that it is the firm’s utmost priority to keep it that way.

The company has deleted the tweets made by the malicious hacker after coming up with an official response. It was also observed that the news about withdrawals ending was fake as well. It can be noted that the funds remained safe, and thus, the withdrawals are working even today.

The incident was a prime example of how quickly people jump to conclusions creating further FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt). of course, if one would have verified by conducting a withdrawal on the platform, he would have found that the platform was working perfectly.