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BitMEX Twitter Account Compromised, Exchange Assures Funds Safe



In a blog post published today, BitMEX announced that it will revamp its indices across all products to ensure that the reference prices “more closely reflect the market consensus price of underlying assets”. For the same purposes, the exchange sent an email to its users. However, instead of sending a Blind Carbon Copy (BCC), it sent a Carbon Copy (CC), thereby exposing the email addresses of thousands of its users. This further lead to speculations that the BitMEX account was hacked.

Was BitMEX Hacked?

This further lead to FUD that withdrawals were suspended and withdrawals have been suspended and the exchange has been hacked.  While BitMEX was quick to delete the tweets, the speculations were enough to make users anxious.

Source- Crypto Deleted Tweets

The trollers left no stone unturned to compromise BitMEX’s account and even posted that the users have the left chance to secure their Bitcoins and run.

Source- Crypto Deleted Tweets

The trollers further went on to say that withdrawals were suspended which led to much hype in the crypto community.

Source- Crypto Deleted Tweets

BitMEX Clears Claims of Exchange Hack

In another tweet by BitMEX’s official twitter handle, the exchange cleared the air about the hack. The exchange agreed on the fact that while the twitter account was compromised, the funds are safe.

Source- BitMEX Official

While the announcement brings in some relief, crypto twitter is still wary about the authenticity of the tweet. The announcement saw various comments, some which lambasted the exchange for lack of security measures, some questioned that how can they be sure if these were not the hackers. Some even said that there was no privacy on the exchange and all the talks of privacy were pure trash.

Source- BitMEX Official

Will BitMEX manage to gain trust among users? Will the exchange continue to maintain its position and popularity among crypto exchanges? Let us know, what you think in the comments below!

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