Best Bitcoin Debit Cards – Complete Guide for 2019

You reach to your wallet and take out your Bitcoin debit card to pay for the goods. It feels nice, doesn’t it? 

The mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency was a dream of a particular group of people years ago, but today we witness the development of the industry that was considered to sink in a few years. 

Since you’re reading this piece, there’s a chance you’re looking for the best Bitcoin Debit Cards to try out yourself. 

Here’s what we will cover in this guide:

  • What is a Bitcoin debit card?
  • Recommended debit cards for Bitcoin 
    • Coinbase Debit Card
    • Wirex Debit Card
    • Bitpay Debit Card
  • What to consider when choosing a debit card for Bitcoin

What is a Bitcoin Debit card? 

Pros: integrates both crypto and fiat currencies, doesn’t need tech knowledge to use, portable, easy-to-use, known concept, can use everywhere

Cons: not digital, disagrees with the concept of cryptocurrency 

Bitcoin debit card is a regular debit card that holds Bitcoin, instead of fiat currencies (USD, EUR). Actually, it harmoniously integrates both currencies and allows you to pay for goods and services online, in person, over the phone, through the mail, etc. 

It’s a universal financial tool that will allow you to track your balance and spendings. It works exactly like a debit card, meaning that you’ll be able to control your financial activities via an online application, get refunds, prepays, etc. 

It’s an old-meets-new concept of mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. It’s 2019, and Bitcoin is on to new adventures. 

Recommended Top Bitcoin debit cards

 The good thing is that the market quickly introduced Bitcoin debit cards to the audience. The bad thing is that you’ll need to dig deeper to understand which one is more suitable for you. 

Coinbase Card

Pros: established company, high security, easy to use

Cons: limited support for currencies, medium fees

It seems like wherever you go, Coinbase is there, waiting for you. That’s because Coinbase is an established company, well-known for its’ diverse crypto and blockchain services. 

How it works

  • Go to and download applications for your device system (it may not be available for your specific region). 
  • Install the app on your device and follow the instructions (you might need to get an account if you don’t already have it).  
  • Request the debit card from your application 
  • Receive debit card in your mail and start purchasing goods with it

Your debit card will be linked to your Coinbase account (where you buy and sell your cryptocurrency), and that’s where you’ll be able to control your Bitcoin.

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards - Complete Guide for 2019

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards - Complete Guide for 2019

The first payment for your Coinbase debit card will be the cost of the card, which is £4.95. 

After this, you will face transaction fees, limits, and withdrawal fees.

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards - Complete Guide for 2019


Pros: multiple currency support, established company, up to 2 million user slow fees 

Cons: limited access by location

Wirex is a digital wallet for cryptocurrency mainstream adoption. They have a user-friendly interface and a card to top it all. 

Wirex introduced the debit card, which is connected to its application that makes it easier for users to control the balance and their spendings. By using the Wirex account and debit card, you can also connect your other debit and credit cards, store cryptocurrencies, and buy/exchange them.  

How it works:

  • Go to and press the button Get your card today 
  • You will need to create an account on Wirex to use your debit card 
  • Provide the information required and download the application on your preferred device 
  • Verify your identity 
  • Send your Bitcoin to Wirex balance or buy crypto and start using it

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards - Complete Guide for 2019

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards - Complete Guide for 2019

You can add crypto or fiat to your Wirex account via bank transfer, using a credit/debit card or by sending a cryptocurrency to your wallet address. 

And you ask, what are the fees that I’ll encounter while using the Wirex debit card? 

Fees for this card is a bit lower in comparison with Coinbase.

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards - Complete Guide for 2019


Pros: established company, low fees

Cons: limited access by location, limited currency use

Bitpay has been around 2011, and we can safely call it a crypto community veteran. For many, it’s essential to find a trusted company that has established its’ name through years of work in the industry.

Although the credit card can only be acquired in the US, it’s internationally accepted by any outlet that accepts Visa. 

How it works:

  • Go to and press on Order Now
  • You must have a Bitpay account to link it to your debit card, so proceed with creating an account if you don’t have one 
  • You will be required to input your information, country of living, etc. (You will stumble upon issues if you are not ordering the card in the US). 
  • Wait around a week for your physical debit card to arrive (but you can also use the virtual one)
  • Download app on your mobile device to control your balance better
  • Send crypto to your balance and start using your debit card as you please

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards - Complete Guide for 2019

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards - Complete Guide for 2019

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards - Complete Guide for 2019

What to consider when choosing a debit card for Bitcoin?

The choice is yours to make, but we feel obligated to give you the heads up on this journey. 

There are a few factors you should consider while choosing a debit card that has cryptocurrency integrated into it. 

  • Learn more about the jurisdiction.

The cryptocurrency market regulation is handled individually in different countries. This fact applies to the jurisdiction and what is legal and illegal in some places. Make sure that the choice you make is available in your area, and you won’t be limited in its use. 

  • Choose a user-friendly interface. 

The card itself won’t be a problem, but the online wallet you choose for it should be easy to use. The complicated interface will only make it harder to understand how to control your balance. 

  • Choose an established company and a high-security solution. 

The crypto market is still young, and all of us are looking for established companies that we can trust. The recommended debit cards and companies in this guide suit these factors, but if you decide to go further, don’t forget to find a reliable company with high-security solutions. 

  • Look for the cheapest options

The first reason we all want to adopt cryptocurrency is the cheap fees, fast transactions, and ease of use. If you’re spending similar or more than you spend with fiat money, then what’s the point? 

Look for the debit cards that have mostly free transaction fees. Research their fees and see if they have any hidden charges and expenses. 

  • Extra features are great

Some cards, like Wirex, provide additional features like cashback in cryptocurrency. It’s a perk to have added services that come with your crypto debit card. 

Look for the cards that support multiple cryptocurrencies.


There’s a way to buy Bitcoin debit cards instantly. For best Bitcoin debit cards, we have given you the complete array here.

The mainstream adoption of Bitcoin is around the corner. The crypto industry is accessing almost every possible financial tool, and we’re proud of it. 

Don’t forget to do your due diligence and research better on this subject. You can find some of our other guides helpful and start using Crypto daily in your life. 


What types of bitcoin debit cards exist?

There are two types of Bitcoin debit cards – physical and virtual. Physical BTC debit cards look a lot like regular Visa or Mastercard and are made of plastic. Virtual BTC debit cards are attached to mobile device applications and you can use them as Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

How long does it take to receive a bitcoin debit card?

It solely depends on the company you’re ordering the debit card from. 

Coinbase debit card delivery takes up to a week. Wirex can be delivered under one week (maybe 3-4 days) and Bitpay card delivery also takes a week. 

Other debit card issuers may take less or more time, but eventually they don’t exceed more than 10 days. 

How can I withdraw money from a bitcoin debit card?

The same way you’d withdraw money from a regular debit card. 

You can withdraw cash from your BTC debit card from any ATM that accepts Visa and/or MasterCard (depending on if your BTC debit card is Visa or MasterCard).

Simply put your Bitcoin debit card into the card slot and follow the instructions on the screen. 

Can I use a Bitcoin debit card wherever I go?

Yes. If your debit card is Visa or MasterCard, then it’s globally acceptable and you can use it anywhere in the world.  

Note that you will still need to live in the covered area of Bitcoin debit card issuance of some countries to acquire the debit card itself.