Airline tickets on blockchain: German airline becomes world’s first to sell airline tickets through blockchain

Hahn air announced in a press release that users can now get airline tickets on blockchain network. Hahn air claims to have become the world’s first airline company to sell tickets through blockchain.

Airline tickets on blockchain: Testing the waters

Hahn Air has collaborated with Winding Tree to make this blockchain-based ticket sale possible. Winding Tree is a blockchain platform designed for the Travel industry. As a memento, the founder of Winding Tree Maksim Izmaylov and its CIO Davide Montali became the first passengers to use blockchain-booked tickets.

The Head of Sales Engineering at Hahn Air, Frederick Nowotny, remarked that the product would test the waters for the travel industry. He stated that the main goal was to “investigate and monitor” the potential the technology holds for travel distribution. He noted that mainstream adoption might be a “vision of the future,” but it was important to take the first step.

Blockchain adoption in the travel sector

Blockchain and crypto assets are slowly but surely making their way up in the travel industry. Earlier this month, a UK-based travel company, Alternative Airlines, joined hands with Utrust to support payments through digital assets. The company now supports payments through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, DigiByte, and Utrust’s native UTK tokens.

Last month, blockchain company Zamna raised five million dollars to upgrade airport security using blockchain and biometric. Zamna said that Emirates Airlines and International Airlines Group had become its customers among various others.

Blockchain technology is surely becoming an integral part of modern technology. Blockchain has crept into industries from banking, retail to medical supply chain, and real estate. With each passing day, the number of use-cases for blockchain continues to increase.

Featured image by Wikipedia Commons