A new Bitcoin wallet drives cryptocurrency adoption in Cuba


A Cuban crypto entrepreneur has recently launched a Bitcoin wallet and a payment system for the e-commerce industry that makes it extremely easy for merchants to accept cryptocurrency payment methods.

A communist-led country, harsh US sanctions, drastic economic slowdown, and lack of access to financial services have led to Cubans finding the best possible use of technological innovations. One development, in particular, is Bitcoin.

Today, with the growing use of mobile internet in the country, Cubans are embracing Bitcoin like no other country. At the same time, Cuban entrepreneurs are focusing their efforts on finding crypto-based solutions.

QBita Bitcoin wallet: Tailor-made for retailers

Mario Mazzola, an Italian-born Cuban businessman, has recently found a practical and easy-to-implement cryptocurrency payment solution called QBita. It is a Bitcoin-based wallet that essentially enables any merchant having his own website to integrate Qbita as a BTC payment gateway in their retail shop.

The QBita Bitcoin wallet’s official Facebook page confirms that the entire integration process takes less than five minutes. All they have to do a simple copy-paste the code generated by the software. As soon as payment request is made, the platform creates dynamic addresses unique to each transaction. Once it detects a payment, it confirms it through a call and an email, without the need for manual intervention.

QBita addresses pain points of existing crypto-based payment solutions

According to Mazzola, although Cubans are making increasing use of cryptocurrencies for booking hotels and flights, sending money overseas or executing everyday tasks making purchases online and topping up cellphones, accessing crypto-based services is still far from being easy.

He confirmed that while most wallets and payment services either have a complicated integration process, they are too data-centric or require a VPN to use. Others lack the much-required Spanish interface. QBit, per Mazzola, addresses these pain points and ensures everyone can easily get their hands on crypto-based solutions.