The Evolution of Gambling to the 21st Century


People are at heart adventurous.

It’s really a condition of life. We are constantly faced with decisions that have consequences, and we all develop strategies in order to deal with them: which subject to study in college, which job to take, which person to marry… even whether to have that third coffee or not. Our lives are filled with choices, large and small, with uncertain outcomes that we have to place our bets on.

Now, many people wouldn’t think of making daily life choices as ‘betting’. But really, isn’t it? The only difference is that what we traditionally define as gambling usually involves a physical game, where life choices have a whole array of
And we also see how different people are if we compare the choices made, each one differs in one way or another.

There are also ideas that future-oriented strategies have also applied by our ancestors who have developed the ability to think rationally.

The Benefits of Gambling

Over the last few decades, gambling has been seeing a bit of a renaissance – and for good reason. There are a lot of unused benefits to gambling.

Mental Gymnastics: Betting requires a lot of cognitive power. To be effective, bettors need to understand the game they are playing, the possible moves and strategies their opponents can employ.

Stress Release: Many of the choices we make in life have really high stakes and we often control few of the variables. With a good game of poker or dice, we can get an adrenaline boost, sharpen their wits, and get a distraction from the really serious games they play in other parts of their lives.

Gambling in the 21st century

Starting in 1994, we saw real revolution in gambling since Pascal and Fermat began tinkering with what became known as the field of Probability Theory in mathematics. 1994 was the year that Antigua and Barbados changed their laws in such a way as to allow the first online casino to open. The first online casino found near-instant popularity and created a popular new industry.

The benefits for being online are instantly apparent – until then, because of local attitudes and laws, many enthusiasts had to travel long distances to play their favorite games in places like Las Vegas. By launching online casinos like Gametwist Online, it became easier to find the games they want to play.

This revolution is ongoing, though. The internet got it started by making information and commerce truly international, but the online casino space is still developing, expanding, and improving. It’s getting better and easier all the time. In 2012, a new online gaming platform debuted which allowed bettors to use Bitcoin – which is pseudonymous, meaning people’s names or locations are not tied, so that online casinos could for the first time be truly open for all the people.