Ripple XRP whale movement shake community


In a recent Bitstamp move millions of XRP were moved by what appeared to be a Ripple XRP whale, setting aftershocks within the community. Ripple XRP whale figures are notoriously famous for pump and dump allegations and the Whale Alert reports on all heavy movement.

Various blockchain-based transactions have been registered by the Whale Alert account, as 800 million XRP has been transferred to unspecified wallets, from the Bitstamp exchange. The transactions were performed within thirty (30) minutes.

Ripple XRP whale transaction - Whale Alert

A total of three transactions followed, which included a transaction of 200 million XRP, a transaction of 50million XRP, and a transaction of 150 million XRP.

Bitstamp Ripple XRP whale transactions - Whale Alert

Ripple XRP whale was just scheduled Bitstamp move

The community may be in luck this time since the Ripple XRP whale alert turned out to be a preplanned move by the exchange Bitstamp.

The exchange Tweeted under the Whale Alert post thread explaining the situation is normal. The comment includes a link to an announcement of BitGo providing security crypto storage for the exchange.

Recently, Ripple hired one of the former executives of Bank of America as the Head of American Regulatory Affairs. Ripple is striving to negotiate with the United States lawmakers, especially with its recent move of opening an office in the country’s capital.

Brad Garlinghouse, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ripple, has stated that MoneyGram’s Head advised that the company should not waste any time with the application of On-Demand Liquidity, along with XRP usage in the new digital markets.