Ripple CEO Says Libra Won’t Launch Until After 3 Years

Brad Garlinghouse Ripple

Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse recently weighed in on the much controversial Facebook proposed cryptocurrency, Libra. According to Brad, Libra won’t see the light of day until three years time. Also, declaring his stance on Bitcoin’s usability as a micropayment tool, Brad said that in consideration of bitcoin’s cost and speed of transactions, that the top cryptocurrency has a better alternative, Ripple’s XRP.

Brad Thinks Libra Won’t Have Launched By 2022

In a latest episode of Fortune’s “Balancing the Ledger.”, Ripple’s Boss, Brad Garlinghouse has expressed his opinion on Facebook’s controversial digital currency, Libra. According to Brad, regulatory concerns and further project developmental adjustments will most likely delay the launch of the much talked about digital currency.

Making reference to the Augur style over-under betting system, Brad bets that Libra won’t be able to launch before 2023.

“I would bet that Libra…let’s say, by the end of 2022, I think Libra will not have launched,”

Brad maintains that the regulatory stumbling blocks enacted against the planned global digital currency are substantial and will cause the major delay in launching the controversial digital currency.

Brad Says XRP Is A Better Payment Tool Than Bitcoin

According to Brad, bitcoin’s price volatility is a major feature which makes the top cryptocurrency highly unsuitable for micropayments. A high probability of a wild change in price over a very slim period of time makes settlement quite difficult considering bitcoin as a micropayment tool.

“You really can’t use something like Bitcoin for the purpose of micropayments in terms of the cost per transaction or speed of the transaction. It’s much more appropriate for XRP.”

Further explaining his stance on bitcoin as a micropayment tool, Brad presented Ripple’s XRP as a better alternative. Brad expressed that XRP presents better chances as transactions take few seconds to take place. According to Brad, price swings are highly improbable to affect transaction amount with XRP and this is where XRP has an edge over bitcoin and payment systems like SWIFT.

Elsewhere, Brad Garlinghouse attended a podcast with Popular crypto influencer, Anthony Pompliano, more commonly known as Pomp. The podcast, according to Pomp, featured “unfiltered” questions put to Brad and is scheduled to be released to premium subscribers first today and the general public by tomorrow.

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