Ransomware attacks: Asia leading; Indonesia, India on top in 2019

Indonesia is leading the ransomware attacks by a country chart, with over seventeen percent (17.1%) of attacks reported from the country. While on the other hand, India is following on the chart closely with about fifteen (15%) reported cases.

All in all, Asia seems to be the primary focus of the top ransomware attacks, and the top trending ransomware in 2019, respectively, reveal the Emisoft report dubbed the “Ransomware statistics for 2019: Q2 to Q3 report”.

Top 10 countries by ransomware attacks

The report reveals that the United States of America is number three on the ransomware attack list with over thirteen and a half (13.60%) cases reported from the country. Whereas, Brazil is following closely at number four with a little less than thirteen and a half (13.20%) cases reported from the country.

ransomware attack top 10 countries

Korea holds the number five position on the chart with over twelve and a half percent (12.6%) cases of ransomware reported from the country.

Whereas Egypt stood at number six, Germany stood number seven, France stood number eight, Italy stood number nine and Spain is at number ten.

Egypt reported almost nine percent (8.8%), Germany reported almost six percent (5.90%), France reported almost five percent (4.9%), Italy reported four and a half percent (4.50%) and Spain reported less than four and a half percent (4.40%) of the total ransomware attacks recorded.

The report is based on the Emisoft research and the entries collected through the ID Ransomware project and based on a sample size of more than two hundred and thirty thousand entries.

The report also reveals that STOP/DJVU, Dharma, Phobos, GlobeImposter 2.0, REvil / Sodinokibi, and Ryuk are the most dangerous ransomware reported in the year 2019.