OpenLibra co-founder accused of scamming in ICO controversy

Just a day after the announcement of OpenLibra, the project is being accused of an ICO controversy.

OpenLibra co-founder involved in a scam

OpenLibra is permissionless for of Facebook’s stablecoin Libra. The project was initially announced at the Etherem Foundation’s DevCon conference held in Japan. Once the news reached Twitter, user Andrew Lee was quick to point out the company’s co-founder for his previous activities.

Andrew called out OpenLibra’s co-founder, Lucas Geiger, for being involved in an ICO conducted by Notably, Geiger is a co-founder of as well.

Andrew Lee is the founder of Web3Journal. According to Andrew’s tweet, he and several of his associates invested a million dollars in Wireline’s 2018 ICO. Andrew claims that despite making a huge investment, they still haven’t heard from Lucas in months.

Andrew also shared numerous pictures of messages sent to Geiger only to receive no answer from him. The messages stated that the Wireline’ token was supposed to be released in the second quarter of 2018. Moreover, it claimed that the ICO promised investment from the Ethereum Community Fund (ECF).

Andrew Lee then remarked that he still cannot contact Lucas. He also advised people against the project telling people not to invest in it.

Andrew also pointed out that since Lucas is putting so much emphasis on open-source for the OpenLibra project, he should be more open about his role in the Wireline ICO.

OpenLibra was announced as a decentralized version of Facebook’s Libra to provide people an alternative to avoid Facebook’s centralized project. The company has already launched the first version of the Libra-based virtual machine dubbed as MoveMint.