Meet the most successful crypto investors ever


When a phenomenon is barely a decade old, then any record relating to the biggest or best ever might sound a little trite. However, when it comes to Bitcoin billionaires, it seems probable that we will never see such meteoric rises as those that characterized the early years of Bitcoin.

Of course, there is still volatility associated with cryptocurrency, and by riding those waves, there is money to be made. This is what continues to attract traders towards resources like the Bitcoin revolution website where they can add digital currencies to their trading portfolio. However, the big question remains – would either they or the trading platforms they use be there at all if it wasn’t for the following pioneers who risked it all and achieved the huge payoff that we all dream about? Let’s count down the Bitcoin billionaires.

The Winklevoss brothers

The backstory here sounds like something straight from the pages of a John Grisham novel.
Olympic rowers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss sued Mark Zuckerberg, claiming Facebook was their idea, and invested their $65 million award in crypto. They are believed to hold around one percent of the world’s Bitcoins, as well as having significant Ether holdings, which puts their total crypto wealth at well over a billion dollars. Meanwhile, their decades-long spat with Mark Zuckerberg continues to rumble on.

Changpeng Zhao

CZ, as he is known in crypto circles, didn’t make his money from investing but from facilitating investment for others. He’s the founder of Binance, the largest crypto exchange on the planet, with six million users. He’s also launched his on altcoin, and is believed to have accumulated crypto wealth of more than $2 billion in just two years.

Joseph Lubin

Canada’s “Mr Crypto” was one of the original Ethereum founders and is also the man behind ConsenSys, the blockchain platform that effectively facilitates the launch of new cryptocurrencies all around the world. Lubin keeps himself to himself, but estimates place his personal crypto wealth between three and five billion dollars.

Chris Larsen

The Executive Chairman and co-founder of Ripple has a history of backing winners in the Fintech sector. Larsen was there on the ground floor with Peer-to-Peer lending, investing in the concept before anyone else had even heard of it. With crypto, he scored even bigger, and has accumulated around $8 billion in digital wealth through harnessing the power of crypto for use by the world’s major banks.

Satoshi Nakamoto

Of course, the most successful crypto investor is the man who started it all, and whose identity is shrouded in mystery. If Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto is a real person and is still alive, then the Bitcoins he owns are worth around $18 billion and make him one of the wealthiest men on the planet. Will we ever know for sure? The more time that goes by, the less likely that seems, but one thing is certain – speculation as to Nakamoto’s true identity is all part of crypto folklore and is not going to stop any time soon.