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Libra Reveals First Roadmap; Member Companies Set to Meet in Switzerland in October


Libra vs US Regulators

Since Libra’s official announcement in June, the community of developers has been working earnestly and have released several blockchain explorers. These include libranaut, libraview, librabrowser, and libexplorer. In a recent update, Libra has published its roadmap. The roadmap consists of four milestones before the mainnet launch. 

Libra Team Improvising on Libra Core

The launch of the testnet has allowed the team to improvise on Libra Core, thus, making it easier to troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve software edge cases. The testnet highlights Libra’s network functionality and also provides early access to developers. The mainnet’s end goal is that all partners have nodes deployed on the network. Furthermore, the developers have added a Kanban board which will help in tracking progress.

Also, a tool called Homu has been adopted. It is an open-sourced bot that works with Libra Core’s continuous-integration/continuous-deployment(CI/CD) systems to ensure that tests always pass. This also helps add an additional layer of security to the project by enforcing branch protection. The Libra team is also working to support easy interoperability between wallets. Also, the Libra blockchain will be consisting of a single node that can be configured differently. This, in turn, will allow the node to act as a validator or a non-validating node that stores full history. 

Libra Association to Meet In Switzerland 

Per a recent report by CNBC, Member companies of the Libra Association are set to meet later this month in Switzerland. Also, representatives from the companies will appoint a board of directors for the Libra Association at the meeting.

David Marcus, Co-creator of Libra said in a tweet, 

 “For Libra to succeed it needs committed members, and while I have no knowledge of specific organizations plans to not step up, commitment to the mission is more important than anything else.”

Will Visa and MasterCard Back Out of Libra?

A recent report by Wall Street Journal mentioned that Visa and Mastercard have declined to publicly support the project. Moreover, PayPal and Stripe Inc. are also reconsidering their membership according to another report by Bloomberg. Their sources remained anonymous, but given the ‘regulatory scrutiny’ that Libra has faced since its announcement, it is not surprising as well. David Marcus, Libra Head and former President of Paypal replied to the WSJ’s report saying, “tone of some of this reporting suggests angst.”

What will be Libra’s ultimate fate? Will it see daylight? Let us know, what you think? 

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