Keplerk starts selling Bitcoin coupons in tobacco shops


Keplerk, a financial services company from France, has announced that it will re-launch its Bitcoin coupon program, which will allow users to purchase Bitcoins in tobacco shops. 

There are thousands of tobacco shops all over the country, and according to company estimations, more than 6,500 locations will start offering Bitcoin coupons. 

Currently, France is one of the global leaders in cryptocurrency adoption across different industries, including shopping. According to recent estimates, more than 25,000 retailers in the country accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. 

Bitcoin coupons in tobacco shops

Tobacco shops in France offer a lot more than cigarettes. Customers can usually purchase spirits and lottery tickets. Most of these shops are also fitted with ATMs. 

Considering the variety of items customers can purchase, Bitcoin coupons were the next logical step for Keplerk. The company developed blockchain processing systems, which will facilitate the purchase of Bitcoins for coupons worth between 50 and 250.

Initially, Keplerk was considering the option to allow customers to buy other cryptocurrencies as well. However, after careful consideration, the company decided to remain exclusive, and sell only Bitcoin.

Since the initial test-launches of the Bitcoin coupon purchase scheme, Keplerk has also managed to reduce the processing fee from 7% to 5.5%.

Cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin predominantly, have become an increasingly sought-out investment in France. Many people have started recognizing the potential investment gains Bitcoin holds, which is why Keplerk expects the Bitcoin coupon services to be well-received by the public. 

Hopefully, in the future, other cryptocurrencies will become available for purchase as well.