sparks cryptocurrency adoption in the US with sweeping expansion

Cryptocurrency and payment platform attempts to trigger massive cryptocurrency adoption in the US by expanding its reach to forty-nine American states, according to its official tweet posted on Oct 14. was started with one aim – making cryptocurrency buying, selling, and trading easy. It was established to popularize the use of crypto and drives its mainstream adoption by making digital assets a household name. Today, staying true to its vision, the platform is proliferating the use of cryptocurrencies in the US by bringing ease of accessibility in forty-nine US states. The Big Apple, though, still remains a dream. 

Driving cryptocurrency adoption in the US

After successfully procuring Asian markets through market expansion in Singapore and Hong Kong, the cryptocurrency payment platform has set out to capture one of the biggest cryptocurrency markets. In 2018, commenced its simple operations by shipping metal cards to Singapore that facilitated buying, selling, trading, and payment in virtual currencies. It also offered unlimited ATM withdrawals without any fee, along with five percent (5%) cashback on transactions over a certain amount.

The Swiss-based company now offers a VISA debit card that enables users to pay for items using both fiat and cryptocurrency payment methods. In the wake of uncertain cryptocurrency regulations in certain countries, the roadmap for expansion may have slightly varied, but the overall mission remains the same, which is to boost the cryptocurrency acceptance rate.

Besides marking its presence in forty-nine countries, the app will now be available for download in the US territories with Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and the Virgin Islands being few of them. The MCO Visa card, however, is not available in these territories.

Next stop – New York’s next big milestone is entering the New York state, which serves as the hub for the most progressive blockchain developments in the world. Following that, it intends to roll out its cards in Canada and the European Union.

Meanwhile, the ambitious cryptocurrency platform has been in the news for another significant accomplishment. Last month, it launched Thaler, a Chain Testnet that makes seeking information on blocks and transactions on the Chain network possible.