Coincheck Gas: Coincheck to enable gas payments via cryptocurrencies


Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck collaborates with various gas companies. Through the collaboration, Coincheck would enable crypto payments for gas bill payment.

Coincheck Gas: users to be rewarded users for paying gas bills

The platform called “Coincheck Gas” enables users to pay their gas bills through Bitcoin. According to the announcement, people using Bitcoin as a method of payment for gas bills will receive a 3 percent discount on their payments. The three percent discount on their payments would be sent to their Coincheck wallets.

The program is a follow-up to their “Coincheck Electricity,” which was launched back in 2016. These programs have been launched mainly due to the efforts of Monex, the parent company behind Coincheck. Monex is making efforts to boost Bitcoin adoption. The company also has numerous other services that allow users to swap loyalty points for cryptocurrencies.

Monex is also extending bitcoin utilization drive towards shareholders. The company promises to award Bitcoin to every shareholder who has over one hundred shares and owns a Coincheck wallet.

Monex had acquired Coincheck two years ago after the latter suffered a massive hack resulting in loss of over half a billion dollars ($500M).

Bitcoin adoption

“Coincheck Gas” is the latest company to offer Bitcoin rewards for promoting Bitcoin adoption. Previously Lolli has signed a deal with to give away Bitcoin rewards to clients.

Cryptocurrency rewards increase crypto awareness. They provide cryptocurrencies to non-crypto users while shopping online. This is one of the methods of increasing adoption that targets consumers instead of retailers. The community expects that the new users emerging from these people would bring more people into the ecosystem, creating a snowballing effect.