Blockchain voting system announced by Uruguay and Æternity

According to recent announcements, the Uruguay Digital Party has teamed up with Æternity to develop an internal blockchain voting system.

The main goal behind this partnership is to build a blockchain-based system, which will allow citizens to participate in internal votings easily.

The Uruguay Digital Party was founded back in 2013 with the idea to revolutionize the political scene in the country and push for technological innovation. The joint project with Æternity, one of the leading blockchain startups currently, is one step towards accomplishing this mission.

Blockchain voting system

The decision to create a blockchain voting system was highly motivated by the Uruguay Digital Party’s desire to make internal voting transparent and accessible to the public. 

Throughout this joint project, Æternity will have two main goals. Firstly, the startup will be responsible for developing a decentralized app (Dapp), which will be used by both party members and the public for voting. The app will also be used to monitor and facilitate some of the internal services in the Uruguay Digital Party.

The second goal Æternity has is to set up a blockchain-based database, which will be automatically filled with confirmed identities during voting sessions. 

Once both of these goals are met, citizens in Uruguay will have the opportunity to propose and vote on ideas generated at the party. The best part of the blockchain voting system is that it will facilitate fast and easy communication of votes for citizens, and a secure database for the Uruguay Digital Party.

This joint project will revolutionize voting in Uruguay and will fulfill the party’s goal to introduce digital transformation in the country.