Bitmain platform would connect mining farms and hardware

Bitmain, leading generators of integrated circuits and mining hardware for the cryptocurrencies has announced a global Bitmain platform for matching the owners of mining farms and mining hardware.

The platform dubbed the “World Digital Mining Map” (WDMM) is expected to be unveiled in Frankfurt, Germany on World Digital Mining Summit between 8th and 10th of October 2019.

The main aim of the new Bitcoin platform is to support mining by helping in maintaining efficient prices for those who want to participate and are in search of better provisions and power resources.

Why the new Bitmain platform?

Creation of unique value through WDMM, Bitmain stated that the participants are going to be provided personalized services from Bitmain. These services comprise of assistance in mining farm design, connecting the host to international customers, and supporting with purchase, operations, and construction.

Bitriver’s CCO Dmitrii Ushakov is one of the current participants of WDMM; he endorsed the platform and stated that Bitmain’s team had suggested the latest ways to develop the complete output from his Antminers whilst reduction of the downtime.

The strategy helped in reducing the cost of building his mining farm, moreover; operations are now cost-effective, thereby, more increasing profits.

This announcement from Bitmain is coming at a time when Bitcoin network’s hash rate is an all-time high of this month, constantly over eight million TerraHash per second (8,000,000 TH/s).