Best Bitcoin Faucets in 2019


What are the best Bitcoin faucets, and are they trustworthy enough to spend time on them? It’s an eternal question coming from all crypto enthusiasts and newbies in the crypto market. 

To put it in a few words, Bitcoin faucets are websites or applications that reward their users who complete tasks asked by the app or website. In exchange for their “services,” these so-called “faucets” award the users with Satoshis – one-hundred-millionth of a Bitcoin. 

Many still think that Bitcoin faucets are a scheme to get rich fast, but keep in mind that the rewards are small and it might take you months to get a mature amount of BTC. 

What we recommend in this guide: 

  • Bitcoin Alien if you want to have a regular Bitcoin faucet, used by millions of people around the world. It supports BTC, BCH and LTC. 
  • Cointiply is another great choice if you want to be in a mainstream Bitcoin faucet community and get rewards with four different actions. 
  • is a rather new platform, but already popular within 94K users. If you like instant withdrawals and a low minimum threshold, go with
  • Moon Bitcoin gives you enough freedom to claim rewards whenever you please. So if you’re in a hurry, you can roll with Moon Bitcoin. 
  • Satoshi Quiz is a real brain-teaser and a fun way to earn Bitcoins. If you’d rather spend your time on intelligent activities, rather than digital games, Satoshi Quiz is your faucet companion. 
  • Bonus Bitcoin has it all – daily bonuses, referral program and fast withdrawals. If you don’t mind a poor website and not so rich FAQ, then Bonus Bitcoin is great for you. 

Best Bitcoin Faucets 

Bitcoin Alien

Pros: supports iOS and Android, has fun and entertaining games, supports BTC, BCH, LTC

Cons: pays in Satoshis

Best Bitcoin Faucets in 2019

If you liked your Bitcoin faucet as your wine (well-aged), then Bitcoin Alien is an excellent choice for you. It’s been around 2014 and is still satisfying many BTC faucet users. 

Bitcoin Alien has over 2.5 million users who have received over 1090btc (7+ million USD from this faucet. 

How to get Bitcoin Alien?

Go to Bitcoin Alien website or open your App Store and Google Play and download Bitcoin Aliens’ games. 

Once you download the game, you can start having fun. The game will reward you every 10 minutes (every ten alien kills) with satoshi 339 per victim. And there’s a difference between alien types and kills. But you’ll get there. 


Pros: various ways of earning rewards, loyalty bonus, high payments

Cons: long withdrawal time

Best Bitcoin Faucets in 2019

Cointiply is currently trending hot among Bitcoin faucet users. Mainly because it offers more ways to make Satoshis than other faucets. You can earn rewards by reCaptcha, SolveMedia, Games, and Mining. 

It also comes in higher payments than the other faucets and a loyalty bonus of 1% per day. 

How to get Cointiply?

Visit Cointiply’s website and sign up for a new account. Follow the instructions, and once you finished registering your new account, it’s time to earn.

To get coins, you can:

  • Complete quick offers on the platform
  • Play multiplayer 
  • Watch videos 
  • Do surveys and complete other tasks

Pros: Instant withdrawal, a low minimum threshold 

Cons: poor customer service

Best Bitcoin Faucets in 2019 is a rather new platform for earning Satoshis, but it already has 94K registered users that make a small amount of Bitcoins daily. 

The platform offers rewards in exchange of users playing their games. The platform already has up to 207K registered users, and 444 Bitcoins won by them. 

  • The platform offers free Bitcoin every hour 
  • Withdrawals go through very fast 
  • They have a referral program that grants you 50% of what your invited users earn on the platform
  • Free promo codes to get extra rewards 

How to get

Go to their website and click on the register button. You will have to provide your email address and a secure password to register on 

Follow further steps and get to know to the platform. It’s easy to adopt, and once you start playing the games, you’ll become acquainted with it.

Moon Bitcoin

Pros: claim rewards whenever, occasional promo codes

Cons: poor interface

Best Bitcoin Faucets in 2019

Moon Bitcoin is a Bitcoin faucet with a twist. The platform allows you to give you the chance to decide when you want to claim your reward. 

Usually, when you register on a crypto faucet, you’ll notice that they make the rules and give you a chance to claim the rewards every hour or every day. Moon Bitcoin, on the other hand, allows its’ users to set their own rules. 

  • Claimed rewards go to the cryptocurrency microwallet CoinPot
  • The platform allows you to use promo codes that will give you 50% more claims
  • You can invite your friends or other interested people and use referral codes for your advantage

How to get Moon Bitcoin?

To start earning Bitcoin on Moon Bitcoin; first, you need to have a CoinPot wallet. You can get it here, on this link. Click the register button, and a new small window will pop up. 

Follow the instructions and enter your email address, come up with a safe password, pass the reCaptcha, and confirm that you agree with their terms and conditions. 

The wallet also supports several altcoins (besides Bitcoin) and is partnered up with Moon Bitcoin. 

Once you get the CoinPot microwallet, you can sign in on Moon Bitcoin website, with the same email address you used for CoinPot registration. 

Follow the last steps of registration and voila! You’re ready to start earning your Bitcoins and invite your friends to make even more. 

Satoshi Quiz

Pros: different BTC faucet 

Cons: minimum withdrawal 11,000 Satoshis

Best Bitcoin Faucets in 2019

Are you a brain-teaser lover? Then Satoshi Quiz might be the best choice for you. 

Some people would like to earn some easy Bitcoins, but would rather guess riddles than play digital games. 

  • The faucet carries the same style as the famously-known game, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.”
  • Questions pay around 100 Satoshis within one minute
  • Minimum withdrawal is 11,000 Satoshis and the withdrawal day is Saturday

How to get Satoshi Quiz?

Would you like to try yourself out? Well then, visit Satoshi Quiz website and register. The interface of the site is a bit poor, but it’s easy to navigate. Press the register button and follow the easy instructions given on the screen. 

Setting up the account will take only a few minutes, and then you can start earning your Satoshis. 

Bonus Bitcoin

Pros: daily bonuses, instant payments on CoinPot account

Cons: poor interface, poor customer service

Best Bitcoin Faucets in 2019

Bonus Bitcoin is yet another Bitcoin faucet that is popular within faucet users. The website interface and the readiness to answer customer queries is not on the highest level, but the platform is still attractive.

  • Users can claim their rewards every 15 minutes, which is relatively faster than the other crypto faucets 
  • Users can receive up to 5000 Satoshis per one claim 
  • The platform gives out daily 5% bonuses (within specific demands) and has a 50% referral program

How to get Bonus Bitcoin?

Bonus Bitcoin has a pretty easy registration process, and you’ll be familiar with the first step. 

We already discussed this when we were explaining how to get the Moon Bitcoin account. Bonus Bitcoin is also associated with CoinPot microwallet, and the earned satoshis will be transferred there. 

So, in order to use Bonus Bitcoin, you will need to have a CoinPot wallet.

After acquiring CoinPot microwallet, go to Bonus Bitcoin website and register. Follow the steps, and the registration will be over in a few minutes. 

Now you can start earning Satoshis.