Yet another Bitcoin Vs. Gold debate on Keiser Report

The ever-popular Bitcoin vs. Gold debate never seems to run out of fizz. While many industry experts chance their arms putting vast sums of money on a highly volatile asset like Bitcoin or the purported safe asset like gold and continue to speculate over who will be the ultimate winner, according to a recent Keiser Report interview, everybody is a winner.

In his latest Keiser Report, Max Keiser, a popular American broadcaster famous for his economic theories and a well-known Bitcoin proponent, interviewed Mark Valek, publisher of report.

Together they bridged the gap between cryptocurrencies and gold and discussed why combining them as one strategy could potentially gain its investors an edge over others.

Bitcoin Vs. Gold: It’s time to focus on both, claims Valek

The Bitcoin vs. Gold competition has seen many winners, however, Valek, in his recent interview with Keiser, reported that both the assets possess a tactical advantage and that it would be a fool’s errand to focus on only one.

According to him, there is no denying the fact that Bitcoin is a revolutionary internet technology, and it could be as disruptive as the internet itself. And while he prefers not to be opinionated about the eventual outcome of the rivalry, Valek, sees a potential in Bitcoin to outthrow the US dollar dominance and become the next generation global reserve currency. Even if that does not prove to be the case, Bitcoin would have taught us much more about fiat currencies and financial industry that no other currency ever did, he states with confidence.

During the interview, Keiser asserts that Bitcoin is no longer associated with being a casual interest of “technoholics” but rapidly transforming itself into an integral part of an economy or financial ecosystem of a country.

When questioned about which asset serves to be a better contingency option, Valek takes a thoughtful approach and vouches for both. The store-of-value characteristics of gold and Bitcoin will act as fall back option in case of failing central banks.

As far as stock to flow ratio is concerned, the traditional, as well as the digital gold show appreciation over time and it, would only be prudent to segregate one’s investments and combine it into one well-constructed portfolio, he upholds his beliefs.