Top multi-exchange platforms for cryptocurrency trading and portfolio management



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Managing multiple exchange accounts

With more than 300 cryptocurrency exchanges today, most traders have to manage multiple exchange accounts.


The need for more than one account usually rises because of the variety of offered crypto currency pairs, markets liquidity, having to diversify the risk of being hacked, as well as the different trading tools and terms each exchange offers.


Trading and keeping track of your portfolios on multiple exchanges is time consuming, inefficient and frustrating. Having to log on different platforms, use different interfaces, keeping track of multiple portfolios and all trading related activities become increasingly difficult with each new account.


It would be simple and easy if you could connect all those exchange accounts into a single multi-exchange platform which combines all the data in real time and provides a single interface to control all remote exchange accounts.









Multi-exchange platforms

A multi-exchange platform allows the traders to connect all their exchange accounts into a single account through the user of API keys generated from the account of each exchange.

Once all accounts are connected into a single one, using the exchanges interfaces becomes obsolete. The unified account will now track and combine all portfolios and traders will be able to track prices, order statuses and other data across all exchange accounts from a single interface.


In addition, most multi-exchange platforms provide various information tools such as news aggregators, sentiment tools, arbitrage matrix and price alerts.


With regards to API keys security, these platforms do not require withdrawal or deposit permissions which limits the possibility of theft.


Finally, multi-exchange platforms do not typically charge additional trading fees and usually use a flat-fee membership of $20-$30 per month.



The current top platforms and apps

Currently there are a handful of multi-exchange platforms with a variety of services. They range from a simple crypto portfolio tracker to an advanced trading and portfolio management platform. A detailed list of all major multi-exchange platforms and their features can be found here:



Here is an overview of the top 5 multi-exchange trading and portfolio management platforms:


1. Conigy

Coinigy is a web based multi-exchange API trading platform combining full scope of trading features such as: advanced trade orders, price alerts, market data overview, crypto news and integrated charts from TradingView. The platform offers connection to more than 25 crypto exchanges and wallets covering most of the main and altcoins.

Single portfolio management is one of the main features of this multi-exchange cryptocurrency platform. Portfolio management across multiple exchanges and wallets can be performed from one unified account.

2. Bitsgap

Bitsgap is an аll-in-one crypto trading platform designed to cover cross platform API trading and portfolio management with connection with most popular crypto exchanges and wallets. This multi-exchange cryptocurrency platform offers in addition to the full specter of trading tools the opportunity to use arbitrage trading on main and altcoins.

Integrated charts are powered by TradingView with all the provided drawing tools and technical indicators. Trough API connection users can track and manage their entire portfolio at once.



Quadency gives the opportunity to trade and manage entire portfolio across multiple exchanges and trading platforms. By connecting API keys on existing accounts in exchanges and wallets, the users can execute advanced trading orders from one interface. All features combined in this solution makes it all-in-one crypto trading platform for main and altcoins.



Synapsebot is the best cryptocurrency tool for cross platform API trading at the same time. Arbitrage, Trailing Stop, Bots, charting and much more.

Synapsebot is an all-in-one crypto trading platform which centralizes the main resources of the Crypto & Trading sector under a single interface offering solutions for all types of audiences.



CryptoWatch offers Live price charts and market data for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Take control of your crypto assets. Track your portfolio, analyze price charts, and place trades with the tool every trader knows. Perform cross platform API trading through one interface.