Ripple XRP price falls down by 10 percent: What to expect?

In the current downfall Ripple XRP price is no exception and the last five days have been a telltale of XRP price falling down independent of the Bitcoin.

Ripple XRP price was hovering at $0.30 levels after a long time, but XRP was unable to hold the price above the same levels.

Ripple XRP price - 24 September 2019Ripple XRP price chart by Trading View

Ripple kept falling since the 20th of September and has not been able to recover to the $0.30 mark. The constant decline in the price was an independent movement regardless of Bitcoin price. However, today on the 24th of September, XRP price fell down to the new low of $0.225.

Although the price saw some correction like all other cryptocurrencies and is trading at $0.239 at the time of writing, it is still down by almost ten percent (9.99%) in the past twenty-four hours.

Ripple XRP price movement: What to expect?

The spike witnessed last week against the dollar was almost removed, and the corrected price for returning to support the test was at twenty-six percent. Robust resistance was found at thirty percent. The surge and correction were swift.

Ripple XRP price chart - 24 September 2019Ripple XRP price chart by Trading View

The attempt of breaking at 3000SAT against Bitcoin failed, and the prices decreased for supporting at 2700SAT just above the fifty MA. The subsequent support would be around 2500SAT. Resistance at about 3000SAT.

However, whether or not Ripple XRP price would recover to the 19th September levels is still a question that remains answered.

Cryptocurrency pundits are calling this the best time to buy the currency and Bitcoin is at the same level. However, no major buying trend has been seen yet.