Miniscript Bitcoin scripting can help smaller projects


Miniscript Bitcoin scripting technique is the new and latest trend in the blockchain universe. A couple of weeks ago, Peter Wuille, who’s one of the most famous Bitcoin Developers, set forth a project to minimize Bitcoin blockchain scripting effort dubbed Miniscript.

The latest Medium post now presents the blockchain programming language that described its purpose, the goals and highlights the need for the project.

Is there a need for Miniscript Bitcoin scripting?

There was a need for new ways to develop a Bitcoin Network and in 2018 developers including Wuille, came up with the idea of Miniscript.

This idea would help give Bitcoin script a defined structure which made it possible to be constructed for smaller projects since it was easier to verify and implement this script — making this script more efficient, optimized, and of course well structured.

Designing custom spending conditions was difficult in Bitcoin Script because it needed a specific program to function. Miniscript Bitcoin scripting solved this problem by being more generic and trustworthy.

It has major functionalities that include; scaling the script’s related addresses, period based analysis of the importance of signers, performing transactions after getting authorization, and it has much more features as well.

No one needed a specific software, and neither was the network constrained anymore. It would have been an immense issue about the efficiency of these online wallets, and that’s if we didn’t have Miniscript, as it covered all the demands of the singers keeping in view the conciseness and efficiency of the script.

In conclusion, developers felt the need for a language that could harness the true power of Bitcoin Script in an efficient way.