Justin Sun reschedules the upcoming Tron live stream event for the ‘greater good’

Justin Sun had announced a date for Tron live stream event which was to feature the ask me anything (AMA) session that is to be held so that fans can uncover all or (at the very least) most of the secret projects that Tron has been working on.

The CEO and owner of Tron and BitTorrent, Justin Sun, announced it on Twitter that he’d be conducting a live stream for the Tron community to cure their curiosity about the updates that the Tron Network has been implementing and would be doing as 2019 nears its end. The event was originally planned to take place on 24 September 2019.

Just like the Warren Buffet Charity lunch, Justin Seems to be having a slight problem with scheduling the event. Justin has again stepped in to announce a new date for the AMA, via his Twitter account.

The Tron live stream event is still a go

Justin Sun had already spread the word out about the staking algorithms being used in the network for Tron and its partners via his twitter account. He then announced the AMA session’s date on September 21, the same day, which was September 24.

Today’s tweet was a follow up on the September 24 session. For those of us anticipating something like this happening, it must have been a real shocker. Justin Tweeted that the live stream would be held on the same day, but at a different time. Such measures are necessary when the targeted audience is international. This move by Justin is to facilitate the US and European Tron, supporters.

BitTorrent’s BLive, the blockchain-backed streaming service is still in Beta mode and on Sunday, BitTorrent wanted to test their software. The participants for the job would be limited though. Five thousand (5000) participants would be taken in for the closed testing program. Apparently, the team wants customer feedbacks and bug submissions for them to go live with the BLive app. Anyone with a google account or a G Suite account is eligible for the program. The app is available on both iOS and Android.