Now a days, blockchain technology is the word we are hearing wherever we go. Stunning features of this technology made many IT companies and several other industries to embrace this technology.

This resulted in increase of demand for blockchain experience and knowledge.

But before diving deeper to know about Blockchain jobs, Let’s try to understand, what is blockchain?

To people who are unaware of this technology, blockchain is a cluster of records or blocks interlinked together in the form of a chain.

One more important feature of blockchain is it’s strong and well-written encryption, it prevents attacks like hacking, and manipulations from unknown sources.

Because of its standard security features, these blocks serve as loyal ledgers. They store information related to transactions like digital currency and e-finance systems like bitcoin.

Because of this reason several industries shifted to this technology to ensure the safety of their transactions.

Blockchain technology aids businesses with less transaction charges for transfers. It develops a faster and smoother exchange as it stops the intervention of the third-party.

According to a survey conducted by Janco Associates, a management consultancy industry, About 23% of renowned tech companies and industries are now anxiously working on designing Blockchain apps and to do this, they need a project manager, application designers, and developers. All candidates should have prior blockchain experience.

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