Discord scam targeting unsupecting traders

A Discord scam is promising over two thousand dollars for registering with their website Billaxy.com. The malicious actors have been advertising the offer by sharing it across channels. These actors have been spreading it to Discord channels that are dedicated to other topics.

Discord Scam: Unrealistic promises

The discord scam that was initially announced on a Reddit thread promises users 0.25 Bitcoin (BTC) that is worth over two thousand dollars ($2,529) at the current price. The scam exists in various forms all leading to dubious websites. These websites closely resemble well-endorsed websites such as Bilaxy.com.

Although the websites have not made any attempts at stealing private keys, there is still danger lurking. The registration with these websites can make old passwords vulnerable for the users that do not care to update their passwords.

Scams, scams and more scams

Scams in the industry have been increasing, mostly in the form of giveaways. Bitcoin and Ethereum giveaways are becoming common while even the Binance Coin (BNB) appeared in Twitter threads. These scams provide insufficient or incorrect information about the giveaways while asking for personal information.

Just a few weeks ago an airdrop surfaced offering Libra tokens after its launch. The airdrop required registration through Facebook yet failed to disclose how or what amount of Libra tokens it will reward.

Now, giveaway scams have overtaken airdrops as the later seem to have disappeared. This may be because ICOs and other token-based projects have vanished from the spotlight. Regardless, scam activities remain high and have enveloped ice hockey players, and are spread from China to Australia to the island of Japan.