Crypto Story: Crypto Community Awarded This Artist In Their Own “Decentralized” Way

A French graffiti artist has received 1.2 BTC donations (equivalence of $12,500 at present rates) after painting his bitcoin wallet QR codes on five streets of Paris for the same purpose. He takes to Reddit to appreciate as many as donated to the wallet, revealing also his intention to further paint more murals within which he usually embeds the codes.

Boyart Receives 1.2BTC Passive Income In 2 Years

On Monday 16th, French graffiti artist, Pascal Boyart took to Reddit to announce how much BTC has accrued to his bitcoin wallet after painting the corresponding QR codes alongside his mural paintings at 5 different locations in Paris. While thanking the community in the process, he also promised to paint more murals containing the QR codes. According to the artists, these QR codes have been generating passive income for him for about two years, the same income is now worth about $12,500.

1.20 btc (~$12 500) received with #Bitcoin QR codes on the 5 street art frescoes I painted till 2 years! 🏆 Big thx to the community for your precious help, without you it wouldn’t be possible. Lot of new murals are coming very soon 🎨 (to see the 5 murals, check my website: from Bitcoin

Boyart Gave Out 0.28BTC In January

In January, Boyart organized a treasure hunt street art by hiding $1,000 in a project he had intended to use to promote mass adoption of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. At the time, Boyart revealed the public key of a bitcoin wallet which contained 0.28BTC, worth $1,000 at the time and requested whoever could gain access to the wallet by finding out the private keys that would give access. This he did as a means of celebrating an occasion of the 10th anniversary of the first block of the Bitcoin blockchain. Pascal Boyart painted this fresco at 156 rue d’Aubervilliers in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. According to the report, the private key had been determined by an unidentified person after one week.

Pascal Boyart is one of a handful of graffiti artists which are now painting QR codes on walls in order to either get donations for their artworks or simply promote cryptocurrencies. The endeavor has now become popular in the art world locations of which Paris is an example. Late 2018, according to the report “the world’s least expensive artwork” was sold for Bitcoin using the Lightning Network.

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