Crypto miners and farmers will be brought closer thanks to Bitmain

Crypto miners and farm owners will be getting in touch with each other, overlapping both the worlds in October.

Bitmain, the Chinese crypto mining hardware giant, announced in a blog post today about the World Digital Mining Map (WDMM), a platform to bridge the gap between the crypto miners and farmers from around the world. The platform will be launched during the World Digital Mining Summit (WDMS) that is to take place in Frankfurt, Germany from October 8 till October 10.

This will be the first global network to connect bitcoin miners with farms. The coalition between the two parties will require a networking fee for hosting the data transmission sessions. The networking members will be getting personalized service from Bitmain in matters as mining farm modeling, hosting connections to foreign clients, support with operations purchasing and construction.

But before the mining farm owners can avail all the services, they have to be registered on the WDMM during the WDMS event. They will be required to provide information regarding their mining farms as the mining capacity to facilitate other miners who in turn will be connected to them.

Crypto miners and farmers: Made for one another

Director of Mining Farm of Bitmain, Mathew Wang stated that the WDMM will help to improve the way mining is viewed in the community. It is a central hub that takes the sustainability factor into account as far as mining is considered. Mining farms and hardware owners will have a new way to connect with relative ease, once they’re registered on the network.

Wang also highlighted Bitmain’s policy to help miners with their mining gear as long as the hardware hasn’t outlived its years. This move will cause the ecosystem having an environment rich in trust.

Bitmain has also planned to announce ten (10) winner that will be crowned as the world’s top mining farms during the WDMS. The miners will be chosen based on a public voting system. Votes can be cast here. The WDMS will provide a great opportunity for crypto miners and farm owners to exchange ideas on technology and find compatible partners for business.