Crypto Adoption: Samsung Launches Another Blockchain Phone ‘KlaytnPhone’


South Korean giant Samsung is all set to launch another blockchain-based phone dubbed “KlaytnPhone,” as a Galaxy Note 10 variant.

Samsung’s new smartphone will have a cryptocurrency wallet and blockchain apps pre-installed. The phone is expected to go on a sale starting today. It will be available in South Korea only. Per reports, the smartphone will be priced at $1,000. Moreover, buyers will also get some “Klay” tokens, the native token of Kalytn.

Earlier this year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 smartphone, which also offers a cryptocurrency wallet and decentralized apps (dApps). Furthermore, Samsung earlier planned to expand these features to their Galaxy phones to help blockchain reach wider audiences.

Terse Competiton Between Blockchain-based Smartphones

Recently Sirin Labs, a crypto firm founded in Israel announced the release of its ultra-secure crypto smartphone. The smartphone named Finney was launched in Singapore through local electronics retailer courts. With Finney, Sirin Labs aims to improvise on user experience and security.

The phone guarantees enhanced security and has been integrated with an onboard “cold-storage” crypto wallet that keeps users’ cryptocurrencies “physically insulated” from the Central Processing Unit. Further, it keeps the product linked to the internal system of circuits for power via an electromechanical switch. The system needs to be activated when users need to use their crypto. Per claims, the phone offers military-grade security.

Huobi Global announced Tuesday the launch of the “Acute Angle” blockchain phone for $515. The smartphone is based on Android’s operating system, Acute Angle is currently available in China with a Q4 2019 launch planned for Southeast Asia. Furthermore, Acute Angle includes built-in crypto-ready features like push trade notifications, a dApp wallet, an optional cold-wallet plugin, and the NODE native token.

Acute Angle is the first in a future lineup of blockchain-based phones from the Whole Network,

Huobi said,

With that being said, the tech giants are earnestly competing to bring their customers the best of benefits. This will in turn boost crypto and blockchain adoption as these smartphones come with enhanced security features much to the ease of the customers.

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