Bitcoin whales transfer 94,504 BTC: Identity still a secret

Bitcoin whales are still surfing. The waves are coming, and this time it isn’t tectonic activity making the sea hurl out water towards land dwellers.

It’s the whales that are at it, and the crypto-ocean has seen yet another transaction that sums up to ninety-four thousand five hundred and four (94,504) BTC. The equivalent amount in fiat is approximately one billion dollars ($1B) from unknown wallets.

Given that the total number of coins in circulation are seventeen million (17,918,775) BTC. The amount moved is equivalent to 0.5 percent of the total lot. The owner of the wallet, to whom these funds have been transferred, whose identity still remains a mystery gets to be crowned the fifth richest bitcoin wallet on the market.

What are the aftereffects?

The transaction took place at 3 am UCT on September 6, 2019. Fifteen (15) addresses sent the total sum to the unknown wallet while one of the fifteen wallets had the biggest share of the sent amount equal to fifty-three thousand (53,000) BTC.

Bitcoin’s price saw a surge taking it above yesterday’s price, ten thousand five hundred dollars (10,569) to ten thousand seven hundred and ninety (10,790)- a two hundred and twenty-one dollars ($221) increment.

Bitcoin whales can’t just be no one.

The total cost for transferring these funds falls in under seven hundred dollars ($700)- at the very least. That was the fact, and all there are left are hypotheses. The community has theories on the whale action, and their best bet is Bakkt. Bakkt which was announced to start operating this month.

Most of the top chart wallets are property belonging to crypto exchanges, but this one isn’t one of those wallets. However, issuing new wallets isn’t a difficult thing either. The Chinese Ponzi Scheme could be securing the funds it ripped off of its customers as well.

Whale movements usually disclose on Twitter or Reddit threads as time passes, but some doors are left closed. One transaction that had seventy-seven thousand (77,000) BTC as its object of interest worth seven hundred and eighty million dollars ($780M) found its way into three unknown wallets.