A Redditor Got a Small Bitcoin Tip in 2013 and it is Worth Thousands of Dollars Today


Undoubtedly, Bitcoin has been been the talk of the town for a long time now. Ever wondered of what value would a Bitcoin tip given 6 years back be today? 

The Perfect Gift

A recent post at Reddit, hilariously captures how 6 years ago a BTC tip worth $27.10 then, was the best gift to a stranger.


A Redditor with a handle, bearishbulltard, commented that if anyone wishes to try how it feels to tip 1 BTC to a stranger, he will be more than happy to be that stranger.


A Car, A Holiday or A Mansion?

Today, 1 BTC is worth more than $10,000. With that being said, if the receiver had held on to the Bitcoin he could have easily purchased a fairly luxurious holiday package to a foreign country, or even bought a small car with the full down payment. Well, if we go by predictions, the user could have even bought a mansion if he decided to HODL it til 2025.

A Redditor named Turil also gave a sneak peek into his journey in the crypto world,

My first foray into Bitcoin was tips on Reddit, probably via /r/freebies. It was late 2014. It was maybe a buck or two total at the time.I also got the free Stellar back when they first started and were doing a promo on /r/freebies. It was supposedly worth about $10. Around the same time that Bitcoin was going crazy high, I noticed that Stellar was going nuts too, and quickly traded what ended up being worth about $3500 in Stellar to get more Bitcoin.

Another Redditor with handle “Rattlesnake_Mullet” said,

Hard to believe now that there were times when whole coins have been thrown around for free, by faucets, etc.

Shows how far we’ve come.

The comment thread seemed to garner attention from quite a lot Redditors, another Redditor Maxcoiner, recounted,

 I remember Gavin’s faucet giving everyone 5 Bitcoins at a time. (2011) All it wanted was a unique email address to prevent spamming!

It was already obvious that Bitcoin’s scarcity was at odds with this concept… Gavin was already showing he didn’t really grok bitcoin back then. -But no one was saying anything, because the coins were already worth $5 or so each at the time and I think everyone on Bitcointalk was going back for more free coins often. 😉

With 1 BTC priced at a whopping $10,112.91, at press time, one would definitely think twice today before giving it as a tip. 

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