Wikipedia Joins this Crypto-Based Content Rewards System


Wikipedia, the largest online encyclopaedia, has joined the list of verified brave browsers/BAT publishers.

The BAT reward system aims to revolutionize the advertising economy for online publishers and viewers. The Brave Browser gives ads revenue to its viewers who choose to views its ads. It also includes a reward system in which users can pay publishers a tip for good content.

Currently, there are over 30,308 verified publishers in the BAT ecosystem, including The Guardian, Washington Post, CoinMarketCap, LA Times and so on. Wikipedia is the top-ranked publisher on BAT, with Alexa rank – 7.

The top-ranked websites on Alexa are Google, Youtube, Tmail, and Chinese internet search giant – Baidu. Moreover, Google and Facebook currently dominate the advertising revenue space on the internet.

According to sources, the advertising space is vulnerable to BOT attacks, excessive marketing, and lack of information for users and publishers. Reportedly, about 50% of user data is hogged by ads and trackers.

BAT aims to increase transparency in the space through the self-sustained incentivized reward system. The reward system also works on websites like YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Twitch, and Github publishers. The publishers need to sign up as a verified browser to participate in the system.

Nevertheless, while it is lucrative, the system will take a lot of time before it can replace Google Chrome or Safari, or even begin to gain from their share. They benefit from the network effects and its ubiquitous existence.

Moreover, the rewards are based on cryptocurrencies, which are still challenging to spend and earn in most parts of the world. The total market of the BAT token is around $200,000, while the annual AdSense revenue on Google is estimated to be about $27.7 billion. Hence, in the long term, there is a massive potential for growth of the system.

Do you think Brave Browser will be able to attract users away from Chrome and Safari? Please share your views with us. 

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