U.S court denies Satoshi Nakamoto rights to Craig Wright?


Reports have been surfacing that a U.S court has denied Satoshi Nakamoto rights to Craig Wright, or at least the complete rights.

Craig Wright is quickly losing the Satoshi Nakamoto battle as reports of a new court ruling have surfaced after the latest Craig Wright vs Keilman hearing.

One of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts present at the hearing claims to have witnessed the court ruling first hand,


Satoshi Nakamoto rights to Craig Wright battle

Apparently, the court has now directed Craig Wright to not only share the fortune of four billion dollars ($4B) in one million Bitcoin with Keilman.

This fortune includes the Bitcoins mined before Keilman’s death, the Bitcoin software built back then and the claim to the Satoshi Nakamoto rights, the mystery name everyone knows to be the founder of cryptocurrency.

Although Keilman has long passed away the case is a very important issue in the cryptocurrency community. Especially since Wright started issuing court notices to different individuals including Binance chief Chengpang Zhao and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

Wright started suing these individuals on account that they not only refused to accept his claim to be the Satoshi Nakamoto but also mocked his publicly. 

The case was filed by the lawyers of Keilman estate who accused Craig Wright of stealing what is rightfully Keilman property in Bitcoin and other rights. Wright had previously stated in an interview that he would be honoring the court ruling.

Satoshi Nakamoto rights to Craigh Wright rejected

The cryptocurrency sphere has received the news in a rather comic manner, expert and crypto celebrity Peter McCormack stated:

McCormack also shared the court order that explains that the court decided not to rule Craig Wright or Keilman the rights to the name Satoshi Nakamoto stating that the court is not required to decide it for the world.

With this court order, now the rights to Satoshi Nakamoto go back in the open. However, Craig Wright happens to have registered his patent with the U.S authorities. A patent claim that was largely rejected by the cryptocurrency sphere.