Samsung finally adds Bitcoin features on its blockchain for S10 devices


The South Korean tech giant has finally heard the pleas of blockchain & android fans and will be integrating support for the Bitcoin blockchain on several of its flagship devices.

The devices in question are S10, S10+, S10e, and the Note10 variants.

This news comes right after the tech company decided to release a blockchain Keystore in March 2019 and has since added as many as 17 dApps on it.

Unfortunately, before August, all of the dApps only supported the ERC-20 blockchain-based tokens, therefore taking Bitcoin out of the equation.

The Bitcoin features were added to kit (SKD) which will probably continue working on optimizing its future products for the Bitcoin blockchain.

Kit may have been the best option for Bitcoin integration judging by the fact that its native token, Klaytn is supported by a large South Korean messaging app Kakao.

This delegation of work could potentially introduce mass adoption of the Bitcoin blockchain for further Samsung projects and a potential introduction of third-generation tokens.