Russian S7 Airlines generates $1 million in ticket sales through blockchain


S7 airlines blockchain

S7 Airlines, which is the second-largest airline company in Russia has recently made a report that it managed to generate around $1 million in sales through its new blockchain partnership within just one month.

The blockchain platform is Ehereum-based and was developed through a partnership with a local commercial bank called Alfa Bank. It needs to be noted that this number in sales isn’t something that happened after previous results. No this $1 million in sales is straight after the partnership was initiated early in July.

Representatives of both S7 Airlines and Alfa Bank have commented that the blockchain platform has made payment processing much easier and accessible for both parties. The sales director of S7 Group, Ekaterina Dmitruk mentioned that their agents are having a much easier time collaborating with the airline directly, which saves time and subsequently money.

S7 Airline’s success in generating the $1 million in sales is a testimony to how useful the blockchain can be in various industries. Having something as crucial as air transportation process payments fast and in an effective manner is absolutely crucial for the speed and efficiency, which is paramount in this sector.

Nevertheless, blockchain enthusiasts are now expecting S7 Airlines to come out with even better results as more and more customers become adjusted to the platform.