Play to win – These are some of the best blockchain games that will earn you cryptocurrency

Buying and setting up a mining rig is not for everyone. For a lot of people, it’s too expensive and complicated, so they give up easily. There are other ways to earn cryptocurrency, and the most fun way to do it is by playing games. While you won’t make the same amount as if you had a dedicated machine for mining, you’ll still become richer every hour.

Privateers.Life: The Island

Since Sid Meier’s Pirates! published in the middle of the eighties, we had a lot of games covering the subject. Recently, Sea of Thieves for PC and Xbox One got all the hype, even though unfortunately it failed to deliver. Of course, Privateers.Life: The Island can’t touch that game when it comes to budget and production quality, but there are neat ideas here. The plot puts you into the golden age of pirates during the 17th century. This game has a lot of elements from The Sims, as you’ll have to take care so that your character is not hungry, thirsty or ill. Only then you can go on your missions that are diverse and interesting. There is a brilliant connection with real-life cryptocurrency mining, as here you’ll also have mine and harvest goods before you can build something. If you make an object, you can sell it for in-game currency named Ludum. Ludum can be used in real-world, but the choice is limited to YoBit and EtherDelta. Still, this is an interesting concept that has potential.

Alien Run

If you are more into arcade experience, Alien Run will suit you well. This game is available for iOS and Android phones, and it can be described as an endless runner. Everything is incredibly simple. You are a cute alien, and you need to jump and dodge while running without stopping. You’ll need quick reflexes as the obstacles generate in front of you, so you don’t have much time to react. Luckily, the first levels are easy enough to boost your confidence. The best thing is, you’ll be rewarded for every level completed. As the levels get tougher, you’ll get more Bitcoins. While there are probably thousands of endless runners, why not play this one that will give your real-life rewards?


You probably know what is MMORPG, but have you heard about MMOCG? This acronym stands for massively multiplayer online crypto-coin game, and Huntercoin is one of them. This game is one of the first in the genre, but more importantly, it’s also one of the best. If you think that online sex games are most appealing, you might be surprised how addictive Huntercoin is. This Windows game has simple 2D graphics and only two objectives. You need to collect coins and take them to the bank while killing everyone else that gets in your way. If you win a fight, the coins of the beaten opponent will be spread over the map. You can trade these Huntercoins for Bitcoin on Poloniex, but don’t expect huge gain.