Norwegian Air’s Crypto Exchange May Get Bigger Than Bank Norwegian Says ex-CEO


It’s not long ago when Norwegian Air announced its plans of accepting Bitcoin at their airline and launching their own cryptocurrency exchange, NBX. The cryptocurrency exchange is scheduled to be launched by the end of August. While talking to E24, Norwegian Air’s former CEO, Bjørn Kjos, the person who played a major role in this development, shared his views on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

NBX to serve customers globally

In July, Dagens Naeringsliv (DN), a local publication outlined that the new exchange by Norwegian exchange dubbed “Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX)” is slated to launch in August and as per the latest report, it now opened the trade for a test group. Norwegian Business Magnate, Bjørn Kjos, expects the crypto exchange to become bigger than Bank Norwegian, a top bank of Norway, in the future.

“We have looked at the stock exchanges that have been created, they have become very large. So if we manage to get only ten percent of those exchanges, then we are bigger than Bank Norwegian – significantly larger,” he says. (translated from

Bjørn Kjos hints that their crypto exchange will bring great opportunities, noting that NBX might get live by the end of this month. Comparing the bank with crypto exchange, Mr. Kjos says that bank is inhibited by geographical limitations whereas NBX will serve customers around the global.

Although he sounds bullish on the future of decentralized ecosystems, Mr. Kjos claims that he hasn’t invested in cryptocurrency himself. He has invested only in the exchange.

Kjos is also quite positive about the role of blockchain technology in the times to come. He is of the opinion that blockchain can enable massive cost savings in many areas for airlines. He gives several examples to support his opinion. For example, blockchain can transform customs clearance by eliminating paperwork from the processes. Also, blockchain can help in removing credit card companies from payment processes by linking customers directly to the airline.

Besides trading, NBX, which is owned by the Kjos family, will also offer payment solution services that allow travellers to pay with crypto for flights.  The giant is now open to welcome new investors about which, Kjos says;

There are very interesting investors, who see exactly the needs that will come in the future.

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