More than 35% of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Hash Rate is Controlled by Two Mining Pools – Report


The sentiments around Bitcoin Cash [BCH] have dampened in the market, with its lead proponent making ‘misogynist’ comments against the Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey and Lightning labs CEO, Elizabeth Stark.

The controversy was sparked by Roger’s comments indicating a romantic relationship between the Dorsey and Stark. Crypto-Twitter is outraged by the comment. Tuur Demeester, the founding partner at Adamant Capital, replied to comments saying,

This is blatant, fact-disregarding sexism.

Whalepanda, who went on to compel media outlets like Forbes and CNBC to stop providing publicity to the project. He went on to say that,

$BCH was created by 3 people: CSW, who forked off, Jihan Wu who was forced to leave his own company due to incompetence and Roger Ver who runs a website trying to defraud users. It’s only Roger left. Take some responsibility and stop supporting him

According to this update from coin.dace, more than 35% of the Bitcoin Cash’s [BTC] hash rate is controlled together by and These mining pools are owned by their lead proponents Jihan Wu and Roger respectively.

bch hash rate
Bitcoin Cash Hash Rate Distribution (Source)

Furthermore, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] was launched as a competitor to Bitcoin in 2017. However, currently, the total hash rate of Bitcoin Cash is only about 2.5% of the overall hash rate of Bitcoin [BTC]. Max Keizer, an investor, and financial broadcaster tweeted,

BCH is a wounded, volatile animal. A year from now it will struggle to stay above $100. The project was DOA from day-1. 90% of it’s market cap is the product of manipulation that will be impossible to meaningfully sustain.

BTC vs. BCH Hashrate Comparison (Source)

Price Analysis

Bitcoin [BCH] is trading at around $330 at press time. While the sentiments around it heavily subdued on Twitter, one analyst predicts a probable 150% rise in the cryptocurrency.

A 150% increase from here would necessarily drive the price to $825. Nevertheless, that is not the prevailing sentiment around the cryptocurrency. While DonAlt suggests a break-out w.r.t. BTC, another chart analyst, Mihir, suggests that BCH could quickly drop to support levels near $260 and $230.

bitcoin cash
BCH/USD Price Analysis (Source)

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