Mike Tyson denies a connection with crypto project “Fight to Fame”


Boxing legend Mike Tyson denies a connection with the crypto project “Fight to Fame” that is allegedly involved in financial fraud. In a Tweet, Mike denied link to the project or their website. Moreover, he denied any plan on partnering with them as well as shunned media houses that reported news of his involvement.

Although the news of his involvement was released back in April, Mike only denied playing a role only recently. The reason for which is unclear and creates doubt about his claims.

Fight to Fame had been under media spotlight after news spread that Mike Tyson had headed its sport and competition committee.

Cryptopolitan previously covered news about him and “Fight to Fame” that can be read here.

So what is “Fight to Fame”?

Fight to Fame is an entertainment platform that promotes emerging athletes through films and video games. The platform is blockchain-based to provide efficient and secure decentralized ledger, while the project has previously used Mike Tyson as its cover star.

Fight to Fame’s CEO Farzam Kamalabadi along with the project’s Global Operations’ Chairman planned to hold an initial coin offering (ICO). The objective was to create a crypto token that fans could use to support the athlete. The token was titled after Mike Tyson to make it more appealing.

According to the project’s Global Operations’ Chairman, Mike Tyson was one of the co-founders with him suggesting to use his name.

Mike Tyson, on the other hand, has completely denied any connection to the project. Moreover, Tyson’s attorneys have sent a cease and desist letter to numerous people involved in this issue, asking them to stop using his publicity rights.

Tyson is not the only celebrity to be accused of involvement with a fraudulent crypto project as he is preceded by Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled. The music producer, DJ Khaled, was fined over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($152,725) slightly. The boxer Floyd Mayweather had to pay more than six hundred thousand dollars (%614,775).

According to government attorney Braden Perry if facts point at Tyson’s involvement, then things will be harder on him.