Home news Max Keiser speaks for Bitcoin dominance and bashes altcoins

Max Keiser speaks for Bitcoin dominance and bashes altcoins


The former trader at Wall Street and Bitcoin enthusiast and maximalist Max Keiser recently claimed the Bitcoin dominance heading towards eighty percent (80%) and then the death of Altcoins.

Moreover, encouraging the public to opt for Bitcoin rather than any other crypto asset. He made the claims on his official Twitter handle

According to Coin360’s data, at the time of writing this Bitcoin is dominating at a little over sixty-nine (69.2) percent and the market cap is $210,422,145,970 out of the total $303,923,701,331.

As for Keiser’s claim about the death of Altcoin, the San Francisco Open Exchange (SFOX) indicates that maybe it is compatible with the Ether. The SFOX’s report stated that Bitcoin has way more correlation with the Ether as compared to any other Altcoin.

He further stated that this could probably support the notion that Ethereum that is recognized as an asset is shifting into its terms like blockchain, same as Bitcoin. If the trend continued, then categorizing Ethereum as Altcoin would be inappropriate.

Previously, Keiser made another price prediction for Bitcoin; claiming it to cross fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) this week as the confidence in a centralized financial system and governments is lowest right now.

However, the CEO of Circle Allaire did not agree on the claim about low confidence of the central government and central financial systems and stated that the geopolitical conflicts are the reason for the boost in Bitcoin’s growth.