How Investors Should Prepare For Stock Down Turns

Gerry Frigon, President and Chief Investment Officer at Taylor Frigon Capital Management, comments on how investors should prepare for the upcoming stock down turns:

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“Research suggests that investors make most mistakes after stock down turns, which is akin to jumping off a ship in the middle of a hurricane. 

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“If, however, investors base their strategies not on timing cycles but on the real source of most of the great wealth created for families in this country for the past hundred years, the ownership of shares in successful businesses for a period of years or even decades, then they should both expect interim volatility and be prepared to weather it.

“Unlike most of what you hear, we advise that investors realize that there will always be ebbs and flows in the mighty financial ocean, but that these by themselves shouldn’t make you change your mind about businesses with solid prospects that you intended to own for many years.

“ In the short run, powerful forces can move stocks around the way hurricane winds toss debris. Short sellers can tear down the price of a company regardless of how solid the long-term business prospects of that company.

“But investors do have one advantage over such “fast money” — the ability to wait. Short sellers and other players who rely on leverage and borrowing (such as hedge funds) cannot sell a company short for years on end — the nature of such trading is necessarily short-term.”

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